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2019-2020 Men’s Basketball Letter Writing Campaign

Contribution Levels

The 2019-2020 basketball season is just around the corner. The Argos are excited to build on last year’s success and look forward to competing for a Frontier Conference title and a birth to the NAIA National Tournament. To obtain success of that level our student-athletes are asked to help raise money in a variety of ways. Fundraising ventures include camps, raffles, events, and this letter writing campaign. Money raised from this campaign go directly to the program to assist in scholarships, travel, gear, equipment, facility upgrades, and more. All important factors in building and maintaining a nationally prominent basketball program. With your help we can build a program that the University of Providence, Great Falls, and all of Montana can be proud of.

All Pledges and donations go directly to the UP Men’s Basketball Fund. Donations are tax deductible.